Kaja Merle is a freelance illustrator. Her focus lies on creating exclusive illustrations, with a vibrant feel and charming, flirty characters.

With a touch of color and spice these images illuminate an imaginary world with an elegant presence.



Daily Updates on projects, personal work, the process of illustrations. Follow along if you want to find out more.

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Nike, The Monte Carlo Casino Société, Asics, Street Easy New York, Alex Simone Perfume, 


The Daily Telegraph London, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, WirtschaftsWoche, Standart Magazine, Dank 

Psychologie Mag 





I have an idea for a project - how can we work together?

First of all, thank you for thinking of me! I am super happy to hear more about your project, what it is about and what you had in mind. 


How is the process of working with you?

After discussing and clarifying the project idea and having now an idea of what you will need (i.e. 3 illustrations for a poster series) I will provide you with a round of sketches. These range usually from 1-3 sketches per illustration. You then get to choose your favorites and we can move further to the coloring stage of the project. I will create several color options (if you don’t have a specific color scheme already), from which you can choose from. Each round has 1-2- correction moments. At the end we can do last finalizations and adjustments. Congrats! Now you have personal illustrations, which you can now use in your desired project. 


Can I use an existing illustration for my project?

My body of work consists of different kind of illustrations. Some are specifically created for clients, but I also have illustration, which are done in terms of „personal work“ - these are not licensed. You can shoot me an e-mail and ask if an image you like is available for licensing. Licensing means, you have to purchase the license to use the illustration in your project (i.e. an article spread in a magazine). Depending on your project and the illustration, I will calculate the fee of the license.


What are your costs? How much is an illustration?

Right up front: there is no specific cost for an illustration. Each illustration is unique, it undergoes various stages from idea, sketch to final color. However the fee of an illustration consist of two fee factors: the creation of the illustration and the usage of the illustration. These factors vary, depending on the project. 


What programs are you using?

I am using mainly Adobe illustrator to create my illustrations. I work in vectors. These are very handy when it comes to resizing the illustrations or creating animations in i.e. After Effects. 

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